Our members work collectively to create sacred space to honour the Gaia.

Goddess, Love, Great Spirit, Mother Nature, God-dess, the Universe, String theory, Consciousness or a thousand other names to describe the indescribable.... Every denomination is welcome here a Temple representing all that is here birthed on her earth.

Every gender is welcome here, including those with none.
Every offering is welcome here, every voice wishing to share, ear willing to listen and heart willing to grow. We welcome the curious, the conscious, the called.

We are a flat structure collective. This means that there is no boss, only those willing to step up and muck in, share ideas, take responsibility, have their voice heard and deeply listen.

We all have gifts to share and you have the chance to step into roles you would like to take in the collective... or just attend some excellent offerings and enjoy the flow that the group energy takes you.

We create workshops spanning from informative activities to intimate rituals,
Inspiring community activation talks to celebratory group ceremonies,
Regenerative earth based projects to practical learning tool programs,


Our expressions span the intersection of Ecology, spirituality and social activation weaving together a distinct, and much needed offering, to a flourishing and emerging environmentally conscious world.

If you are interested in supporting the temple please consider donating or contacting us with your offerings, support or general enthusiasms.

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79 Holmes Road, Moonee Ponds


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