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Book Club

Continue the learning with the Gaia Temple Library

the Gaia Temple Library hosts one of the largest collections of earth based spirituality and Goddess texts in Australia. Our book club takes theses texts and explores them deeper in a co-created and self directed capacity with interested folx.

Decolonizing solidarity:

Dilemmas and Directions for Supporters of Indigenous Struggles’ by Clare Land

Book club applications closed

Why join this book club? 

"It is an academically written book so being in a book club helped me stay motivated and get through the content. The discussion element was important as it meant I got so much more from the book to hear, feel and share with others. Our book club ended up bonded and closer after going through such a transformative experience together. "

 - Jo, Book Club participant


What's the commitment?

Read 2 chapters per month and turn up for the discussion. 


Each group of 6-8 people meet once a month for 6 months but each group is different and you may decide on more or less often. 


There is an outline and solid resources for running the book club including chapter and/or pages to read for each session, a set of questions for discussion and group guidelines. 


As a member of the Gaia Temple books borrowed through the Gaia Temple Library, brought into public libraries or can be purchased. There is also a digital version.


Book club is closed for 2022


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