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Gain inspiring knowledge and open yourself to the wisdom of Goddess, with our 2 year Goddess studies program and third initiatory year for those called to the path of Priestess. 


Goddess studies deep dives into Goddess spirituality framed through the context of the southern hemisphere seasonal wheel of the year.

Program Overview

Using a mix of learning processes including special guest speaker seminars, monthly meditations, ritual practice, personal reflection, practical activities, group discussions and one on one mentoring for those called to the path of a Priestess, students discover the forgotten herstories of Goddess, she of ten thousand names and faces.

Topics Covered Include

  • Mother Goddess, Matriarchies and beginning together

  • Goddess of place, Connection with Country and listening to first nations voices

  • Crone Goddess, Ancestor wisdom and creating sacred space 

  • Dark Goddess, inner self/shadow work and healing the mother-wound

  • Maiden Goddess, Sisterhood solidarity and healing modalities

  • Pathfinder Goddess, Rites of passage and phases of a woman's life

  • Sacred Sexuality, shedding shame stories and self-love as activism  

  • Celebrating life, embodying goddess and bringing Her into the world

Through studying the resonant stories of Goddess across the world we recognise their literal and archetypal energies and awaken the women's mystery traditions of our foremothers, to pass on to next generations.

Taught by wisdom holders with over 70+ years living and teaching the path of Goddess, we shall reawaken the Goddess contained within our bodys, hearts and minds. 

Explore how together we can reclaim HER ancient knowledge and wisdom for modern impact.

This training has been adapted to be interchangeably delivered on Zoom and in person at the Gaia Temple in Melbourne.

This training has limited spaces to ensure a deep connection can be made within the group. With a focus on multi-mode learning participants can be local, interstate or even international as the lessons are available via zoom.

On completion of this first year participants will have developed a lived understanding of their own connection to Goddess and the ancient living traditions of her wisdom ways.

They will have new tools to live life in more connected and fulfilling ways with capacity to investigate themselves and the world through new eyes of regeneration and possibility.

This Program Provides 

  • 40 weeks of deep wisdom content, worksheets, resource lists and reflection activities  

  • 16 one-to-one mentoring calls for a truly supportive experience catered to your emerging needs

  • 8 Zooms for in depth group discussion and sharing connection 

  • 8 Whole day seminars every six weeks with special guest speakers exploring the diverses wisdoms of Goddess in different settings and different manifestations. (Depending on your needs attend online or in person)

Your Facilitators

Dr Tricia Szirom, Priestess Pia Gaia and Jennifer Cameron
With Special Guest Speakers and workshops holders to be announced. 

We are diverse women, each with unique gifts created from the wisdom of Gaia.

Collectively, we have decades of experience in the fields of Priestessing, Goddess theology, Rights of passage, Womens lineage wisdom, Group work, Sisterhood Healing, Conscious community design, Activism and Spiritual leadership.

The beautiful Goddess artwork seen throughout this program has been gifted for use to the Gaia Temple by the generous and talented Kat Shaw and digitally edited/collaged by Pia Gaia. 

the Gaia Temple is deeply grateful to Kat for her support of the Gaia Temple though the sharing of her work. Please visit Kat's Page to see more of her Goddess art for sale. 

Orientation Start Date

Saturday January 29th 2023, 12:00pm - 3:00pm, at the Gaia Temple


Monthly group catch up calls and Special guest seminars every 6 weeks with reflection activities completed in personal time between. 


the Gaia Temple and on Zoom, email and private Whatsapp group.


Place Holding Deposit: $100 (non-refundable)

Quarterly Payments: $777

Full Payment: $3000 


For Scholarship and volly/part payment email

Please Pay via Direct Debit:
Use your surname as the payment reference.

Account name:
BSB: 633000 (Bendigo Bank)
Account No: 175027747

Who is this program for?

This training program welcomes women of all ages, sexual orientations, religious backgrounds, abilities and requires no prerequisite knowledge or training.

The program may be particularly interesting to women who are seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and answers to today's global problems, who want to explore alternative earth spiritual wisdoms and make a difference in their own lives and lives of those around them.

If you are interested in deep friendships, in collective and self healing, in the transition to a world based on values of equality for all, interconnectedness and reverence for life then this program is for you.


At this time, when the Earth Herself is at risk, society needs women who are willing to step into their truth, explore vulnerability and claim their empowerment.

Goddess studies year 1 explores the archetypal energies of Goddess and awakens women's mystery traditions that are our birthright, and which are needed today more than ever.

So many creatures are on the verge of extinction, global pandemics will become familiar and as the climate emergency continues we must face an unsure future.

Connecting to the presence of Goddess, non-dualistic universal source energy of regeneration, brings into alignment the ancient and universal story of resilience and hope. The Goddess studies program explores this regenerative life force called Goddess, and all she has to offer personally and collectively.


In shared wisdom with other women we will restore our optimism in the face of old paradigm narratives and activate your ability to make a difference in the world.


This transformational program is perfect for any woman seeking a deepening connection with herself and the world. Who thrives on authentic connection and wishes for healthier relationships with others. For women who are ready to heal the frayed trust of the sisterhood and are ready to uplift other women also on a journey of personal discovery. For women who know deeper meaning is possible in their lives, who ask ‘how do I navigate my life with purpose?’ and who wish to listen to and heal the cries of the earth.


This Goddess Studies program will deepen your connection with the consciousness of Goddess and bring forth those answers from within.


For those called as a Priestess of Gaia, a one on one mentor will guide you and support you to disseminate your unique and flourishing gifts and provide a nurturing and supportive environment to grow and flourish. 


Join in studying the amazing stories of Goddess across the world as an ancient, modern concept, learn Her teachings in many manifestations and explore how we might reclaim Her ancient knowledge and wisdom for modern impact.

Second and Third Year

Second Year:

In the second year we will deepen our connection to Gaia through expanding the topics studied to include Tarot and divination, we will learn how to walk with a Goddess who speaks to our particular interest and concerns in the world and we will more intensely explore our love of the land we live in through working with First Nations leaders. We will expand our creativity in crafting ritual tools for personal practice and hold ritual for each other sharing our own personal wisdoms with the collective.

Third Year - Priestess Training:

The third year you initiate as a Priestess of Gaia.  Specialising your unique gifts cultivated in the first two years you will stretch your edges to be seen in your life as Priestess. Focusing on activities which benefit your individual development and support community. By recognizing the needs in the world, be it global injustice or local relationships, you will respond with the skills of a Priestess honing the values of love and Goddess presence. This Priestess year readies you to be a voice of her love in the world as a Priestess of Gaia.

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