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Code of Conduct

The Gaia Temple Code of Conduct is informed and inspired by the vision of creation of the MotherWorld where honouring the Mother Earth, and all Her creatures and nature, are placed in the centre of our lives.  We therefore commit to:

• honouring and protecting Mother Nature and all living beings,

• supporting the empowerment of women,

• ethical production of goods and services,

• advocating for the vulnerable,

• valuing the Wisdom of the Elders and of the Ancestors.

• non-violent methods of resolving conflict,

• working with honesty, truth and open communication,

• taking responsibility for our personal and social relationships,

• dealing with our shadows and working to heal our wounds.


We treat each other with respect. We treat altars with reverence. We make offerings. We protect nature and make use of her resources gently, thankfully. We respect ceremony and tradition. We treat elders with kindness and regard. We raise children to be creative and considerate. We care for our bodies, develop our minds, and nourish our spirits. We look out for one another. We cultivate patience. We allow ourselves to be human. We live and let live. We honour our word. We move from love. We forgive. We thank one another. We dedicate the merit of our practices. We thank our teachers. We value female genius specifically.


We call for an end to all inequalities based on gender, race, sexual orientation, disability and age. We call for an end to patriarchal oppression and discrimination.


Privacy Policy

Everyone who attends a Gaia Temple ritual, class, or even an open discussion such as drop-in coffee and other events, has the right to expect that whatever they share in this space will be held in confidence.


Our confidentiality and privacy policy is very important to our community. We want the members of our community to trust that we will keep their confidences and maintain love. We want all who come to our temple to know that they are in a safe place where they can share whatever they need, and trust that their privacy will be respected.


Constitution and Membership

When people become members of the Gaia Temple they agree to the Objects and Purposes of the Gaia Temple Inc and agree to abide by its Code of Conduct while in the Temple and at Gaia Temple events wherever held.


Under the Constitution of the Gaia Temple Inc. we reserve the right to request any person who attends any of our events, and fails to comply with this code of conduct, to leave. If a member, that membership can be reviewed and may be terminated on the basis of the unacceptable behaviour.

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