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Spiritual Ecology

A program exploring the intersection of spirituality and ecology 

The stories we tell ourselves about the world around us affect our relationship with Earth. 

Be re-inspired by Nature

Our Spiritual Ecology program invites participants to discover the awesome wonder of nature, and a deep knowing that our world holds everything we need.

Like Earth, we too are all made of stardust.

Our program has ten key themes that underpin how we relate to our world.


Each holds deep spiritual meaning, and invites us to explore our existence, from our inner selves, to how we relate to each other, and our relationship with nature. 

By deepening our spiritual connection with the world we live in, this program aims to release old thought patterns that have focused on greed, power, control and debt.


We invite you to move to greater perspectives of abundance, collaborative living and regenerative culture that will create a sustainable and truly symbiotic relationship with Earth.

Explore new ways of being in the world

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