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Update on our COVID-19 Policy

An Update from the Gaia Temple on the Impact of Covid-19 and Our In-Person rituals, ceremonies, trainings and workshops.

The Gaia Temple is committed to ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of our members, visitors and venue hirers.

In accordance with government annoucements we have made the tough decision to postpone all in-person gatherings at the Temple for the foreseeable future, including our opening that was due to take place in May.


At this time we are calling strongly on our core principals of “heart centred community activation”.

It’s at these most tough of times of separation that we must band together stronger than ever and lean into community.

Community for love, Community for connection and Community for collective supportive action.

Our action now must move from building our physical temple (setting up a space of respite, Gaia love and deep conversations) to a virtual temple online, holding all our same principles.
We appreciate your patience as we enter this online world with excitement and vigour (and a little trepidation).


We will be offering online Zoom based offerings through our Facebook and website channels. We plan for these to include check in community visualisations and meditations; priestess training conversations on spiritualty, ecology and social action; and webinar series with keynote speakers from around the world offering their support to us at this time, and sharing their love of Goddess to us all.

It’s at these times, where we wish we could offer a comforting hug to those we love, that we must seek creative ways to feel the universal love that is Gaia holding us always.

Is Gaia speaking to us now? Telling us to slow down, reach inwards and hold our own bodies with the same tenderness that a mother would a child who is ill?
She is holding us without physical arms, and that is how the Gaia Temple’s offerings wishes to support you. Sharing the support and inspiration of Gaia, virtually, in the online space.

To those who might be in isolation/quarantine, those with compromised immune systems, or in higher risk categories, we send a loving energy of protection, safety and health from our hearth at the Gaia Temple, to yours. We hope that we will see you on one of our online Zoom circles, interacting on our website and Facebook page or in our Priestess training group here:

Please download the Zoom app if you haven’t already to get ready for these offerings.


Remember always that the earth is our mother, she will support and love us throughout all we do, she provides for us everything we need, in times of strife and pain, she will gift us exactly the medication that we could require. We are forever connected in her web of love and life, no matter how near, or far, we may be.


The Gaia Temple Guardian circle

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