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Song Spirals

"Song Spirals" by Gay'wu Group of Women is a beautiful first-hand description of some of the precious knowledge and practices of the Yolngu people of North East Arnhem Land.

This book is an incredibly generous gift, describing how Australian First Nations People, and women in particular, feel connected with their country.

"Language is like water flowing in the river, picking up all the sediment, the rocks, the leaves and the sand...That is how we are, how our songspirals are...Everyone and everything is always connected, always in relation."

Discover the sacred journey of the Whale, the Clouds, the Nightbird, the Serpent and much more. Glimpse the depths of symbolism in place and time that the songspirals provide. A must-read for anyone wanting to understand how pre-European Australia was perceived across its vast estates.

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