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We are in a place of power

This is in an extremely rare situation - a pivot point in history

In early 2020, recovery from extreme bushfires and drought crashed into a global pandemic. This has created an intersection between climate change, public health, global interconnectedness and capitalism.

We are in a place of power

Right now, the people of the world are realising how fragile our social systems and freedoms are. It has distilled what is important in our lives, and what we need to stand up for. This clarity gives us great power for creating positive, long-lasting change.

So what is really important?

Life has been pared back to what is needed for humanity to survive and thrive.

PEOPLE - we are the beginning and end of society; everyone from our elders and our young, our travellers, medical professionals and firefighters, truck drivers and our casually employed – all are essential to the fabric of our society.

HEALTH - a tiny virus hiding in the wild has demonstrated how fragile our health and our health systems are. It has given entire populations the opportunity to demonstrate they can make significant sacrifices for the good of all.

ENVIRONMENT – we are in climate change, and our lack of protection of the environment is literally killing people. We have one planet and we aren’t doing enough to prevent ecological collapse. Governments and corporations continue to work against the environment for financial gains.

EDUCATION – learning is an incredible gift, and access to education is essential for society to build and know itself. Scientific literacy and the ability to question authority are vital for participation in debate and positive change-making. Quality information and independent journalism are equally vital for us to understand our world.

SOCIAL CAPITALISM – capitalism has been exposed as a deeply interconnected global system. It is also underpinned by the workers who keep the wheels turning - workers need to be paid, or the system falters. The inequalities between the richest and poorest have highlighted how our economic system does not serve humanity, particularly in the low pay of essential workers and the precariousness of casual work, as well as in community services.

MENTAL WELLBEING – each person copes differently with the pressures percolating around them. We all need interconnectedness, exercise, entertainment, space and freedom. We have been learning how to support each other, and generosity of spirit has been displayed.

So what do we fight for?

In this transcendental moment, with powerful insight and loud voices, it is time to fight for a better way of living. We need to leave behind the economic and power systems that are failing us.

We need to fight for PEOPLE – protect our health, education and welfare systems; embed work flexibility, fair pay and de-casualisation of workplaces; and build connected communities where people are supported to thrive according to their needs.

We need to fight for our PLANET – invest in renewable energy and move to zero carbon emissions; revegetate our ecosystems and protect habitats; buy local, grow our own food and eat more of a plant-based diet. Deeply value nature as our sacred home, which gives us life.

Our power is in our words and in our voices, in our protests and in our social networks. Decide what you want to fight for, find your allies (starting here at the Gaia Temple!) and demand the world you want.

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