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Thank you for watching my talk on raising modern goddess temples. I will continue to update this page with further information and resources that I hope will add even more value to your experience and give you ideas for creating your own Goddess temple or Sacred Space. 

Slides from my talk 

Reading List: More coming soon

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Goddess Temple Herstory


Are you interested in raising a Goddess temple or sacred space?

SSPROMO_2020_Raising modern goddess temp

I'm Here...

Let me Support you.

Modern day mystery schools & sacred spaces are becoming common. But how do you actually raise a Temple dedicated to Goddess Spirituality, Gaia, Ecology & Activism?

My Name Pia Gaia,

I am a trained Priestess of the Goddess and have made it my life's work to create sacred spaces, and support visionaries creating them.

My background is in community development, eco village design and sustainability.

I'v travelled around the world exploring how people grow and create sacred spaces that are thriving and healthy.


I offer one-on-one priestess sessions in personal support, and I offer consulting (with a team of dedicated wisdom holders behind me) on creating sacred spaces.

I'm here to help in any way I can. Your vision is important, Your dream is possible. Let's make it happen. 

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