Adventures in the Anthropocene

"Adventures in the Anthropocene" by Gaia Vince

This first book for our Book Club is an insightful, evidence-based exploration about how the human race is changing the Earth, in ways that no other species has done before. Humanity is creating a new geological age that is affecting every ecosystem on the planet.

"...humanity has become a geophysical force on a par with the earth-shattering asteroids and planet-cloaking volcanoes that defined past eras." - Gaia Vince This book helps us to understand how we have reached a climate emergency, created floating plastic islands in the ocean, and accelerated the extinction of species. It also details what people are doing locally to care for their environment. With programs like the Priestess of Gaia Training exploring, dissecting and overcoming these paradigms we hope to change our impact for a brighter future.




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